Place you Bet

Now it is time to place your bet.

Well not really. We are not taking bets, in this. Everybody wins. There is no risk. Even if none of us get to the summit, we will still pray together for world peace. And your gift will go toward ending war whether or not the climbers reach Uhuru Peak.

But if you make a pledge related to our progress, it will motivate us to reach higher. Knowing that each step makes a difference will encourage us all to make it to the top.

So make a pledge of some amount for each foot, meter or mile we climb, and make the donation at the end of our trek. We will attempt to keep you posted or our progress with Facebook and the blog. And there will be a full report when we get back. You can tell us, or not, if or how much you pledge. And the payment is up to you. We don’t have a bill collector on the team.

Kilimanjaro is 19,340 feet, 5,895 meters and 3.66 miles high. A penny a foot would be $193.40. Ten cents a meter would be $58.95 and a hundred dollars a mile, $366. We will calculate a team average for the climb so these are the numbers we are aiming for, but your pledge could turn out to be less.

Rebecca is confident we will all reach the summit but here are the statistics I have seen:

Of all climbers, on all routes, 45% of those who start, make it to the top. On 7 days routes, which we will take, 64% make it. The majority of those who don’t make the summit on this route, turn around at Gilman’s Point, which is 18,763 feet.

And of course you could pledge any other amount, even in Euros. We can work out the exchange, though we can’t promise a tax deduction on foreign currency.

We have all been in some form of training and are all in good health and reasonable shape for this adventure. However, physical condition can be misleading. Martina Navratilova, set out to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro in 2010, but did not make it to the top.

Our donation page is:

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