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I am often asked about our logo.  Here’s the deal.

Peace, harmony and the absence of hostility are generally considered to be among the highest values sought in a society. Insuring domestic tranquility was cited as one reason for establishing a constitution in the United States. Yet today there are many forces actively working against peace. Many powerful interest groups in today’s world oppose peace. Peace does not just happen.

Billions of dollars change hands from the manufacture and sale of arms and weapon systems. Political parties thrive on conflict, qualifying compromise as a weakness. Gun manufactures and lobbyists profit from propagating fear and insecurity and violence sells advertising on TV and tickets at the box office. Peace is not nearly so profitable. And of course, we are all taught at school that we must kill and die for our nation.

No, peace is not a given, it does not come easy. Maintaining calm and tranquility is a struggle. Attaining peace on this planet demands great effort, both physical and mental exertion, much like climbing a tall mountain.

And the uphill journey toward world peace demands cooperation. No one can make peace solo. Like scaling a high pinnacle, each climber is vitally dependent on the other members of the team. Dissension, disagreement or discord can be fatal. There is no place for conflict among climbers. Everyone must strain toward the single goal. Upward in unison, against the earth’s gravity in order to experience the stillness of the distant summit.

What then could better symbolize our shared efforts toward world peace?

We are Climbing Together for Peace.


Do you like the logo? Would you like to wear it on a t-shirt or a cap? Do it!

The logo is here. You can print it on an iron-on decal with an ink jet printer. You can order printed articles from many photo shops or online. We would be interested to know what you come up with. Posting your photos would be fun. Spread the word.


We are all Climbing Together for Peace.


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One thought on “Our logo is your logo. Use it!

  1. Chantal Logan

    C’est vrai: la paix n’est jamais un acquis. Être pacifiste n’est pas être passif., au contraire!

    La lutte est quotidienne en nous et autour de nous!



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