We would like our climb to contribute to the following organizations which we personally know work at the grass roots level for peace. We would like to raise $1 (or Euro) per foot we climb. The peak is at 19,340ft so you do the math.

Colombia – Peace and healing

Give the gift of peace and healing in a country torn by decades of armed conflict.

Colombia Peace

In Colombia, MCC works with partners on efforts to heal trauma, build peace and promote reconciliation. Women forced from home by paramilitary troops in 2000 started using fabric and brightly colored thread to make story quilts, recounting their experiences. “Women had a lot of fear, a lot of pain. We watched how they were liberated by doing this,” says Juana Ruíz Hernandez, one of the leaders of the group.

The women went on to create works documenting other horrors and massacres in Colombia’s armed conflict and telling about their Afro-Colombian heritage and the history of their ancestors being brought as slaves from Africa.

China/South Korea/Japan Peace Camps

Your gift of peace will provide funds for youth ages 15-18 from China, South Korea and Japan to attend peace camp.

China Peace

Through the Northeast Asia peace camp, sponsored by MCC and partner organization Peace in China, youth from neighboring countries are meeting and learning to break down barriers while honing peacebuilding skills. “I will keep these ideas in my mind and will start to do some small things that pass love on to people,” reports a peace camp participant.

Peace Training in Uganda

Your gift of peace helps people build understanding and resolve conflicts in their own communities.

Give Peace

Through Living with Shalom, an MCC-supported program, young Ugandans such as Mbabazi Bosco, Brian Kunihira and Joseph Murungi are helping their communities and country build a more peaceful future. Each year, a three-week peace training, sponsored by a diocese of Uganda’s Anglican church, brings together young people from nine different regions of Uganda, helping to break down stereotypes and discrimination among ethnic groups.

South Sudan – Acting courageously

South Sudan became the world’s newest nation on July 9, 2011. After decades of civil war, building trust is a key part of rebuilding communities in this new country. Your gift supports courageous efforts to work for peace and reconciliation in a place torn by years of violence and fighting.

On Earth Peace: Cultivating Individuals & Communities of Peace

248385_223018964376118_2597735_aCultivating Individuals & Communities of Peace. We help individuals, congregations, communities, and other groups grow in peace through powerful programs of training and accompaniment. This is the link to donate related to the Kilimanjaro climb.

(You can also check them out on Facebook)


Feel free to donate to your favorite peace organization as part of your support for our climb. Let us know so we can thank you.

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